Architectural Shingles Repair & Install

Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles Add a Premium Look to Any Home.

Crescent Moon Construction, LLC has over three decades of experience in the installation and repair of architectural shingles in Lexington and Columbia, SC. We are a team of skilled roofing contractors, and we are highly knowledgeable in the application processes of architectural shingles. This choice in roofing systems is known for its luxury appeal and high durability. If you think that all asphalt shingles were created equal, you’ve not experienced the quality of architectural shingles.

The Details of Architectural Shingles

These asphalt shingles do not contain cutouts like those of the 3 tab option, and have a lower portion that is laminated with an additional layer of asphalt. This allows for the shingle to display a stylish and contoured dimensional look, as well as provide extra protection. In addition to the various colors and styles found in architectural shingles, some of the top manufacturers are embracing a new energy-saving technology commonly referred to as “cool-roof.” This aspect will decrease the amount of heat that is absorbed by the roof, and will allow you to save on your utility bills.

Not only do architectural shingles bring a look of opulence to a home, but their durability is considered to provide some of the highest protection available. These premium-grade shingles are three times the weight of regular shingles, and have a heavier mat base to provide extra strength. This allows for the shingles to maintain their structure in storms producing up to 120 mph winds.

Roof Repairs

Architectural Shingles

Any Kind of Damage to Shingles Warrants Immediate Repair, Due to the Danger of Leaks.

Crescent Moon Construction offers Lexington and Columbia, SC roof repairs for architectural shingles. Even though these shingles are known for their strength and endurance, there is a possibility they will eventually need repairs. The average lifespan of architectural shingles is anywhere from 30-40 years. When your roofing system is showing signs of decay, call our professional roofing contractors to schedule an inspection of the condition of your roof. We will be able to determine if you are in need of a total re-roofing project, or smaller shingle replacements.

Here for You

Crescent Moon Construction, LLC is dedicated to providing premium services in the installation and repairs of architectural shingles in Lexington and Columbia, SC. Give us a call today at (803) 520-3191 for more information on how we can help you! One of our friendly staffers can answer any questions or concerns, and also find a time for service that works for you.