Residential Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

We Perform Quality, Comprehensive Services for Roof Replacement.

The components of a house all own limited life expectancies, notwithstanding roofing. As the time arrives to replace your own, trust the pros at Crescent Moon Construction, LLC for a job well done. House roofing replacements taken on with our crew get the advantage of our knowledge for thorough execution. The necessity for roof replacement almost never appears at a favorable point. We recognize this, and ensure work that’s as prompt as it is skillful.

If it comes to roofing installation, no project appears too small or large for our team. Pay attention to the indicators that your roofing system may need replacement, and phone us at (803) 520-3191 if the time has come for us to provide you with this service. For any roof replacement in Lexington and Columbia, SC, have faith in the professionals at Crescent Moon Construction, LLC.

Signs You Need Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

From Start to Finish, We Perform Impeccable Service for Roofing Replacement.

Whether a roof requires replacement often comes down to a matter of magnitude. For instance, a few missing shingles can simply get repaired. An entire replacement roof will become required with an abundance of missing shingles, however. If the continued viability of your roof inspires worries, reach out to us now for an inspection.

Missing or Damaged Shingles: An abundance of cracked, buckled, curled, or missing shingles reveals that a roof needs replacement. Old roofs will begin to lose more shingles, and you should keep in mind that constant repairs will only make your roof seem patch-worked. Lurking problems in your roof can also cause more problems with absent or broken shingles. Damaging winds can also loosen shingles and leave them vulnerable, even if only a handful became actually displaced.

Age: Old age can serve as a major clue of the requirement for roof replacement. The average shingle roof can endure for around two decades. You should at least call for an inspection if you have had your roofing system for that long or longer. Keep in mind, a roof that has become too old could fail with the next major storm, even if the roof appears fine to untrained eyes.

Water Stains: Water damage in your ceilings or walls indicates a roof that has proven unsuccessful at its main task. If you have a leaking roof, contact our expert team for an inspection today. Even though leaks can get fixed, you will need to consider replacement if the leak has persisted for a long time.

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At Crescent Moon Construction, LLC, we are the leader for roof replacement in Lexington and Columbia, SC and nearby areas. If you’ve identified one or more of the preceding indicators as applicable to your roof, call our team today at (803) 520-3191. To save you the hassle of total roofing failure, we will begin the roof replacement procedure today.