Roof Storm Damage Repairs

Storm Roof Damage

High Winds Can Cause Severe Storm Roof Damage.

Storms are a part of everyday life that can easily create the need for extensive repairs. Thankfully, roof storm damage can be quickly repaired when you call a skilled roofing contractor. For storm roof damage in Lexington and Columbia, SC, call the local experts at Crescent Moon Construction, LLC. We have a great deal of experience with any variety of storm damage needs, and can make the repairs you need to prepare for the next major weather event.

Our leading team will work around your schedule to perform the storm repairs you need. We only use quality materials, and our expert roofers benefit from full insurance and certification, in addition to a great deal of previous experience. The last thing you want to do in regards to storm repairs is wait. You never know when the next major storm will blow through to capitalize on your weakened roof. To learn more about the services we offer or schedule work, call us today at (803) 520-3191.

Storm Roof Damage Repair

Storm Roof Damage

Our Trusted Inspectors Can Locate All Storm Damage on Your Roof.

Your roof system can experience varying types of damage that depend on the storm. Hail can pierce your roofing, while howling winds can cleave materials off your roof entirely and fling debris at the structure. Issues from leaks to the complete loss of your roofing can happen easily, and depend only on the size of the passing storm. It is crucial, no matter how intense the damage is, that your roof is repaired  and ready to defend your home prior to the next storm.

Roof storm damage repairs from our roofing contractors are performed to assure your roofing system is ready to protect you. First, we will complete a thorough inspection to spot any damage the storm may have caused. Once pinpointed, we relay this information to you and work to design repairs that will totally shore up your home’s defenses. All of your questions are answered by our team, and we will make recommendations as to the various options to restore the functionality of your roof. After we finish repairs, or any work, we make sure that it meets your expectations before we conclude service.

  • Emergency Roofing Services If your roof has an emergency problem such as a water leak or a large hole, our team is here to help!
  • Hail Damage Repairs If your roof has been hit by hail, it may have more damage beneath the surface that can’t be seen from above.
  • Roofing Insurance Claims Assistance If you need assistance working with your insurance company for roof claims, we can assist you with a detailed inspection.
  • Roof Leaks Patched Fixing leaks swiftly is the fastest way to make sure your roof doesn’t suffer from additional or more severe damages over time.
  • Roof Wind Damages Though there are many ways your roofing can be damaged during a storm, hail is one of the most severe causes.

We Work With Your Insurance

When you need a roofing contractor that will work with your insurance company, contact Crescent Moon Construction, LLC. We will give a detailed roof storm damage report for your paperwork, and will work with you and the insurance company to execute repairs for your roof. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, so we keep you posted and up to date as we go. Contact us today at (803) 520-3191 for the repair of your storm roof damage in Lexington and Columbia, SC and the surrounding area!