Affordable Roof Leak Repair

Roof Leak Repair

Our Team Can Both Detect Leaks and Perform Superb Roof Leak Repair.

Is the roof leaking on your home or business? Water leaks will harm your roof system in a variety of ways, so leaks of any size should be repaired sooner rather than later. If you are in need of professional roof leak repair in Lexington and Columbia, SC or the surrounding area for your home or company, rely on the professionals at Crescent Moon Construction, LLC. We have a great deal of experience with leak repair, and can provide unbeatable service for your roof.

While our crew repairs your roof leaks, we can also alert you to any other indications of damage. When it comes to storm damages, you never want to let them linger. Subsequent storms will do more damage, and also make previous repair needs worse. To request an estimate, schedule service, or ask any questions whatsoever about our roof storm damage services, call our team at (803) 520-3191! We make exceptional customer service one of our primary goals, and are ready to help you today.

Roof Leak repair

Roof Leak Repair

A Leak that Reaches the Interior Has Already Done Great Damage.

When determining priorities, the repair of roof leaks needs to be pretty high on the list. Roof leaks let harmful rain water and moisture into your house, which can rot the insulation, cause structural damage, and allow mold and fungus to freely proliferate. Recognizing the warning signs of a roof leak ahead of time can help you avoid expensive damage down the road. If any section of your roof is missing even a single shingle, that area has the potential to leak, as do areas with shingles that are cracked, damaged, or balding.

Even minor leaks can allow enough water in to destroy a roof’s decking! Rotten roof decking presents a threat to the total structure of a roof, since a roof depends on its decking to efficiently distribute its weight, among other things. Because the roofing is comprised of so many layers, any leaks that fall down through your ceiling are probably much more serious than the drips you see may indicate.

Fast And Affordable Repairs

Get cost-effective and speedy roof leak repair in Lexington and Columbia, SC by contacting our office at (803) 520-3191 now! Repairing roof damages such as leaks at the earliest sign can ensure cheaper repairs and less harm to the roofing system. If you are hoping to defend your roofing from unnecessary wear, it’s vital to perform regular roof inspections, preferably once per year. Call our experts today  for the reliable roof leak repair you require.