Soffit and Fascia Repair and Services

Soffit Repair

Increased Heat or Humidity in Your Attic Can Signal the Need for Soffit Repair.

While a majority of homeowners are mindful that there are many different components of  residential roofing, terms such as fascia and soffit may not sound very recognizable. At Crescent Moon Construction, LLC, we believe that the more correct knowledge you have in regards to your roof, the better decisions you can make. For example, both of these components perform important roles, and deserve the benefit of regular maintenance. Your fascia serves as the main point of attachment for your gutters, and can be found lining the perimeter of your roof. It contributes a great deal to the appearance of your home.

The part that connects the area between your fascia and siding is called soffit. Soffit is necessary to sustain proper ventilation in your attic, while fascia protects your roof from water damage and pest infiltration. Both components work to simultaneously present a smooth and finished look to your roof. With each playing such an integral role in the well-being and functionality of your roof, you want to certify that any fascia and soffit repair in Lexington and Columbia, SC is done properly. Call us at (803) 520-3191 to talk to our experts today.

Soffit and Fascia Protection

Soffit Repair

Fascia Covers the Ends of Your Rafters to Provide a Clean, Finished Look to the Roof.

You can certify that your roof remains in good shape by having inspections annually and following every major storm. When it comes to fascia and soffit, however, you will be happy to know that you can keep an eye on their condition yourself. Check for areas that may have begun to sag, signs of any missing panels, or even bird or insect nests that have developed between your fascia and soffit. Make sure that you get rid any type of debris, and keep your gutters clear to avoid any chances of rotted materials.

As for your soffit, you will want to check for signs of moisture in your attic, or a rise in your cooling costs. Since soffit helps manage the temperature of your attic, sudden increases in your electric bill serve as a sign that something is amiss. Ineffective soffit can also raise the humidity in your attic, a situation that can encourage the growth of mold.

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You can rely on the experts at Crescent Moon Construction, LLC when you need effective fascia and soffit repair in Lexington and Columbia, SC. Our contractors provide top-tier repairs and installations at reasonable prices. If you suspect that something is wrong with your fascia and soffit, you should schedule repairs quickly to prevent further damage to your roofing materials or decking. For any questions or service requests, call us today at (803) 520-3191 to talk to one of our specialists!