Vinyl Siding Services in Lexington and Columbia, SC

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding Needs Little Maintenance and Is Highly Durable.

With decades of experience behind the Crescent Moon Construction, LLC name, we represent a trustworthy, quality choice for a home improvement company. If you are tired of regular upkeep and maintenance on your home’s siding, give our licensed crew a call for more information on vinyl siding in Lexington and Columbia, SC. This durable, attractive material can represent an excellent investment in your home.

Our crew will professionally install new siding for you to bring your home a fresh new look. Your siding functions in a manner similar to your roof, in that it provides for your home’s protection against the elements. Siding also has a dramatic impact on your home’s appearance, so keep yours in good shape. Our services are affordable and reliable, so please don’t hesitate to call (803) 520-3191 if you are interested in upgrading your home’s siding.

What Is the Difference?

Vinyl Siding

New Siding Can Also Dramatically Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal!

The advantages of vinyl siding are numerous. Cleanup is virtually non-existent and almost hassle-free. Vinyl siding does not require any painting, which means no more time spent on ladders in order to keep up your home’s appearance. Available in a multitude of colors and designs, vinyl siding allows you to perfectly match your home’s style. Vinyl siding also brings improved curb appeal to your home. There are over 350 colors to chose from, so you’re sure to find something that ideally complements your property.

Not only will new siding save you time on maintenance, you will also receive a lifetime warranty on the siding and a five-year warranty on installation. The reason vinyl siding is able to retain its original appearance is because it resists moisture leakage and winds of up to 200mph. Also, unlike with wood siding, you don’t have to worry about insects or the chipping away of paint. With our siding, you can also expect to save money on your energy bills. The siding has an insulation component that will regulate your home’s R-value (thermal energy). This means that your home will stay warm during colder months, and cooler during hot summer days. Also, it is considered a green material, because the siding’s long lifespan reduces the amount of waste that gets sent to landfills.

Call Us Today About Vinyl Siding

Our professional team will properly install your new vinyl siding to provide your home with a new level of beauty and charm. Crescent Moon Construction, LLC provides quality installation and repairs of vinyl siding throughout Lexington and Columbia, SC and the surrounding area. We can also assist you in the design portion of the project to ensure you get exactly what you want while staying within your budget. Call us today at (803) 520-3191 if you have any questions or want to schedule service.